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Engagement Model

Why Outsourcing

1. Reduce employee turnover and training costs

JANUS can staff your Offshore Software Development Center (OSDC) with a dedicated team. Your dedicated OSDC team acquires and maintains an intimate understanding of your software development requirements and processes. In time, you will view your dedicated OSDC team as an integral part of your software development strategy.

2. Reduce compensation costs

It can be costly for you to hire a typical experienced software engineer in your country.. The services of an JANUS engineer with similar experience and competencies, working for you in an OSDC, can cost substantially less. Additionally, when you consider the financial implications of employee stock options (exercised and unexercised), health benefits and paid vacation time, the management effort to care for the staff, and added cost associated with office space and equipment or tools, the compensation savings (and the positive impact on shareholder value) are even greater.

3. Reduce time-to-market

Shorter product life-cycles, the need to beat competitors to market, changing requirements of your target market, faster ROI required by investors…all drive the necessity of getting your product on the market as soon as possible. JANUS development centers enable round the clock development work force.

4. Focus on your core competencies

Focusing your resources on your core business and competencies allows you to adapt and respond to developments within your market-space quicker and more effectively. In fact, current management theories (Moore) say that even if the initial cost of outsourcing is higher than performing the activity internally, it is better for your long-term competitive position to outsource that activity.

5. Improve return on investment; increase shareholder value

This is the ultimate reason for establishing a long-term OSDC relationship with JANUS Technologies.

OSDC Working Model

If you are looking for continued offshore support on a long term basis, which can deliver a dedicated team, accumulated knowledge, and customized processes to improve productivity, infrastructure facilities and great flexibility, our OSDC model is the best option.


  • Retention of know-how and knowledge
  • Integration with customer’s practices and methodology
  • Retention and development of resources to suit the customer’s needs
  • Easily established capabilities for new requirements
  • Customized training programs according to the customer’s specific requests
  • Dedicated hardware and software infrastructure

Time and Material model

In this model, the cost is calculated based on the total project execution time and the corresponding effort used. The model is particularly suitable when the specifications of the project are complex.


Greater flexibility, we provide customers with the necessary resources and team to meet their requirements and their needs.

Our high quality software process ensures reliability and optimizes the performance of the projects to deliver on time, on budget, and on target.

Project-based Pricing

We provide flexible engagement models which ensure that we meet the diverse needs and requirements of our customers. Our software development processes comply with CMMi level 5 and ISO 9001: 2000 standards. In all models, we follow strict information security and non-disclosure procedures, in accordance with ISO 27001:2005 (BS 7799-2:2002), to protect the intellectual property of our customers.

This model is the best choice when your project requirements, scope and specifications are clear.


  • The best team suitable for the domains of your expertise
  • Dedicated resources
  • Low risk

Staff Augmentation

IT Staffing Services that makes a difference. At Janus, our DNA is in helping companies execute and deliver successful projects. We’ve been providing professional services to Fortune, mid-market and emerging companies across varying industries since 1999. To be successful, we have to know what drives our customers business. Our years of project-based experience provides the necessary insight to foster the innovation required to sustain and transform your organization. The IT landscape is moving faster than ever and the expected results from consultants has never been greater. The phrase “Time is Money” has never been so poignant. Today’s resources need to posses the right mix of skills to make a difference and bring value to your organization. That’s where we come in!

Janus is unique in that, we do not function solely as a reactive “go-to-market” services firm. Janus employs over 20 staff consultants with proven project-based experience. Our resources are tried and tested with a wide range of role-based and technology skills. Janus consultants are committed to seeing your project to fruition, thereby providing the continuity, control and the piece of mind you expect when investing in an outside partner.

Our team of Technical Account Managers will work with you and our consultants to communicate and manage expectations. When we do source for niche’ skills, the Janus staffing model and built-in “best-practices” insures that resources are properly vetted to produce a positive experience for all. Our Recruiters and Technical Account Managers work together to qualify, assess and retain consultants that we would hire ourselves.

In our opinion, therein lies the Difference and the Value! Contact us today to discuss how we can help.